General usage of commands.
DecentHolograms offers a user-friendly command interface that allows you to edit almost everything without the need to edit config files. Additionally, all commands feature tab-completion functionality, making it even easier to use them.
You can view all commands by using:
  • /dh help - For general help.
  • /dh holograms help - For help with Holograms related commands.
  • /dh lines help - For help with Hologram Lines related commands.
  • /dh features help - For help with Features related commands.


Parenthesis only specify the type of an argument, they are not part of the final command.
Required argument.
Optional argument.
List of possible values.


DecentHolograms utilizes a single, main command with many subcommands. To streamline the process, we have added useful aliases to make it more convenient for you. These aliases are visible in help messages and tab-completion, and some of the most important ones are listed in the table below.
(Sub)command name
Main command - /decentholograms
/holograms, /hologram, /holo, /dh
Hologram - holograms
hologram, holo, h
Lines - lines
line, l
Features - features
feature, f
Pages - pages
page, p
For example, instead of:
/decentholograms holograms create demo
You can just use:
/dh h c demo
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