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Getting started with DecentHolograms.
Please note that this wiki is a work in progress and may be incomplete. If you find any missing information or have questions, please contact us on our Discord channel and we'll be happy to assist you.

What's DecentHolograms?

DecentHolograms is a versatile hologram plugin that offers a wide range of features and customization options, making it easy to create unique and personalized holograms.
With a user-friendly command interface, you can easily create and customize holograms without the need to edit any configuration files.


  • Our holograms are created entirely using packets, which eliminates the need for physical entities in your world, providing a wide range of possibilities for individual player behavior.
  • Our holograms support multiple pages, allowing you to display more information in one place.
  • Our holograms are interactive, featuring a variety of click actions for added functionality.
  • Our holograms feature a system for text animations, adding dynamic visual elements to each line.
  • Our holograms support line offset, allowing you to position individual lines away from the center of the parent hologram.
  • Our holograms feature a permission system, allowing you to restrict access to specific holograms or lines for certain players.
  • Our holograms include preset features such as damage and heal displays, providing ready-to-use functionality for your server.
  • And so much more...
If you need assistance or have any inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us on our discord channel.
We also welcome bug reports and suggestions on both discord and our github repository.
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