General usage of flags.
In DecentHolograms, you can configure various flags on holograms and hologram lines. These flags mostly disable some functionality that you don't want or need.
A flag in Hologram affects all its Lines but different Lines can have different flags without affecting each other or the parent Hologram.

List of Flags

These are the flags, that are currently available.
  • DISABLE_UPDATING - Disables updating for hologram or line.
  • DISABLE_PLACEHOLDERS - Disables placeholders for hologram or line.
  • DISABLE_ANIMATIONS - Disables animations for hologram or line.
  • DISABLE_ACTIONS - Disables click actions for hologram.


You can configure flags using the following commands. All these commands have Tab-Complete so you don't need to type everything manually.
For holograms:
/dh h addflag <hologram> <flag>
/dh h removeflag <hologram> <flag>
  • <hologram> - Name of the hologram.
  • <flag> - Name of the flag.
For hologram lines:
/dh l addflag <hologram> <page> <line> <flag>
/dh l removeflag <hologram> <page> <line> <flag>
  • <hologram> - Name of the hologram.
  • <page> - Index of the hologram page, this line is located on.
  • <line> - Number of line in the hologram.
  • <flag> - Name of the flag.