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List of compatible (hologram) plugins and how to migrate from them


DecentHolograms fully supports PlaceholderAPI (PAPI) and its placeholders can be used in various parts of the plugin such as hologram lines, actions and animations.

Placeholders in animations

By default are placeholders inside animations not parsed to reduce possible performance issues.
To allow placeholders to be parsed, enable allow-placeholders-inside-animations in the config.yml of DecentHolograms.

Hologram conversion

DecentHolograms supports the conversion of Holograms from other hologram plugins to itself.
Below is a list of all currently supported plugins, the command you have to use and notes on how DecentHologram will treat specific cases.

The plugin does not need to be enabled to convert. Only its hologram files are needed.


/dh convert CMI

Default File Location: plugins/CMI/holograms.yml

Special Actions:

  • ICON:<item> gets converted to #ICON:<item>
  • !nextpage! creates a new Hologram Page.
  • Holograms with names that start with #< or #> will be skipped


/dh convert FutureHolograms

Default File Location: plugins/FutureHolograms/holograms.yml

Special Actions:

  • No notable actions outside basic Hologram cinversion.


/dh convert GHolo

Default File Location: plugins/GHolo/data/

Special Actions:

  • ICON:<item> gets converted to #ICON:<item>
  • ENTITY:<entity> gets converted to #ENTITY:<entity>
  • [x], [X] and [|] get converted into Unicde characters
  • [#rrggbb text #rrggbb] gets converted to <#rrggbb>text</#rrggbb>


/dh convert Holograms

Default File Location: plugins/Holograms/holograms.yml

Special Actions:

  • ITEM:<item> gets converted to #ICON:<item>


/dh convert HolographicDisplays

Default File Location: plugins/HolographicDisplays/database.yml

Special Actions:

  • ICON:<item> gets converted to #ICON:<item>
  • {papi: <placeholder>} gets converted to %<placeholder>%
  • {empty} creates an empty line using a color code.