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How to use built-in animations from DecentHolograms

DecentHolograms supports two types of animations: Premade and custom.




To use placeholders inside animations you need to enable allow-placeholders-inside-animations in the config.yml.

Premade Animations

There are some premade animations you can use, that will work with any text.


Switches through all available color codes. This is the same as in HolographicDisplays and also offers the &u as an alternative color code to use.


Colors the text in <color1> and makes <color2> move through the text.





Colors the text in <color1> and changes it to <color2> from left to right.





Writes the provided text one character at a time.


Scrolls through the provided text. The length is set to <text length> / 3 * 2.

Custom Animations

Custom animations are made by creating a YAML file inside the plugin's animations folder and can be used using the same format as premade animations.
However, unlike premade animations can you not use extra options to customize the animation. The only thing you can do is using the {text} placeholder inside the animation file to display the text put in-between the <#ANIM> tags.

An example animation file is created on the plugin's first startup, but can also be found on this page.